Dashboard Benefits Highlighted

Unlimited Profiles

Most social media management platforms pricing are limited by the number of profiles you can connect to your account.  Digital Matchbox PRO does not limit the number of profiles, allowing you to grow your business and scale easily.

No Limit Team Member

You also have the choice of adding your team members at a lower member rate. There are also no limits to the number of team members you want to add.

A Clean and Uncluttered Dashboard

Unlike Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social, Digital Matchbox PRO’s dashboard does not have columns to separate your streams and content. You always have a single­view of streams in one unified social inbox and also the choice to swap the view to a single stream easily using our Priority Inbox feature.  This makes your dashboard less congested and you can pick and choose what streams are most important for you to keep tabs on and keep those in the forefront of your view.

Brand Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

You can see the percentage of customers who describe your product in certain ways, you can also find out what people are saying about competitors’ products.

Content Focused

You can also drill­down your task, which makes your social efforts more specific and saves time. Making it easy to monitor your social presence and then manage it.

Tracking and Analytics Tool

With Digital Matchbox PRO, you can keep track of conversations and interactions with your brand, track clicks and referrers, and more.

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