Diana Guerrero, The ArkLady.

This tool is so robust that it could just about do pretty much everything that you need to do under one umbrella. In the past, I’ve used Hootsuite, MeetEdgar and I’ve tried all other types of platforms.  And this is the one that I’ve been happiest with because it’s allowing me to do everything under one roof.

Debbie Peck, Founder of Debbie Peck Digital.

Overall, I love this platform. I like how it encompasses EVERYTHING. I don’t have to purchase separate subscriptions to different software. Currently I have been using Rignite, Hootsuite (only for bulk upload) and ManageFlitter. Features I like:

  • Timezone is my time zone – if someone else is working in my account, the timezone stays the same.
  • Campaigns
  • Content Library
  • RSS Feeds

Chloë Forbes-Kindlen, Founder of C4Compete.

I had to spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on different tools with different functionalities. I’ll be signing up to one that will allow me to post stuff up and one that will allow me to monitor replies. Trying to find a tool that is able to do it efficiently and effectively all in one place was a huge need of mine.  Digital Matchbox PRO solves that problem. You literally can manage all your social media profiles in one place!

Fiona Legge, Founder of Clearpod

I’ve been jumping from Hootsuite, Buffer, Twitter web at last I can do it all in one place! Saves me so much time and it’s all in one place. I also love:

  • The fact that it encompasses everything that a business would need and more
  • Multiple accounts in all one places is perfect
  • The approval system for workflow is brilliant for expanding businesses
  • Really useful being able to generate charts and reports
  • Love the fact that you are dedicated to the product
  • Bulk importer great feature

I started using Digital Matchbox as I was frustrated with going to several different sites, using several different tools, and feeling like I was in social media hell. It took too much time with little results. I also had a client who I was doing social media for so times my frustration by 2!

Once I got Digital Matchbox I felt immediately better. The courses on how to get set up were great. Liz teaches the information in a calm, soothing voice, with lots of great tips. I was shocked at how much free content she offers as well. I thought my specialized niche of Simple Living would be too specific to use her free conversation starters and quotes but I was wrong. I was able to use many of them. What a timesaver!

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